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Fund-Raising 2013

The fund-raising efforts of the P&C for this year are to support the school in the following areas:

  • Assist with rollout and implementation of Technology within the school.
    • Specifically to assist the school with the purchase of 1 Smart board and the school will purchase 1 so as all classrooms have this technology
    • When ready work with the school to implement iPad banks for use in any classroom within the school
  • Upgrade the current tennis court facility to a functioning multi-purpose court facility.

Mothers Day Raffle – May 2013

The Mothers Day raffle this year was a great success.  Thanks to everyone who sold tickets and to the wonderful parents and businesses that donated the prizes, without your support these raffles would not be possible.

We raised $630 from the raffle which will again go towards our fund-raising goals for this year.

Thanks to the below People / Businesses for your wonderful prize donations:

  • Two Fat Cheeks – $50 Lunch / Dinner Voucher (Mandy Collins)
  • Queen St Beauty - $50 Voucher (Marguerite Kerr)
  • Willis Clinic – Massage Voucher (Tiffany Black)
  • Mothers Day Cake - Danielle Turner
  • Norwex Body Pack - Karen Codrington


Living Fund-Raiser - March 2013

The Living fund-raiser offers healthy and family-friendly products. We encourage everyone to support the P&C by selling all the items in your carry bag.  The living fundraiser individual packs are $6 each and your whole bag sent home is $60. Each family was supplied a mixed bag with some Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers.

Your contribution to this fundraiser will make a huge difference in what we are able to achieve and how we can support the school.

Thanks to everyone for your support of this fundraiser, we made a profit of $1283


Fete - October 2013

Thanks to everyone for your support of this fundraiser, we made a profit of $13400.

See Fete 2013 page for all detail of sponsors and donations received to support this event.